The designer AQUA LIXUN SU

with homonymous brand

wins the XI Edition

of Talents lineapiù


The winner of the XI Edition of Talents Lineapiù is Aqua Lixun Su, a talented designer of Chinese origin who created garments in which innovation and craftsmanship emerge. 

The creative Aqua Lixun Su graduated in Textile Design and Fashion Knitwear from Central Saint Martins in London, subsequently forging her career path in the world of fashion design. Launched in 2022, her brand has been published in the most important fashion magazines internationally and her knitwear have been worn by prominent personalities from the world of entertainment. Aqua Lixun Su garments are available in various multi-brand stores in China, Japan and the United States.

I am deeply honored to have been chosen as the winner of the Eleventh Edition of the Lineapiù Talents program,” says Aqua Lixun Su “From the moment I founded my brand, Lineapiù has proven to me as the emblem of high-quality knitwear . I am thrilled to collaborate with this company and to be able to take advantage of its technical expertise to create work characterized by creativity and innovation. This partnership promises to take my knitwear designs to a new level – I look forward to the journey ahead.” Focusing mainly on knitwear, the designer explores the structure of the human body and enhances it through clothing, breaking gender stereotypes and giving priority to comfort. The garments convey elegance and powerful vibrations. Aqua Lixun Su focuses on innovation, emphasizing structure to make clothing more three-dimensional, achieving a harmonious unity between the garment and the wearer. The craftsmanship is meticulous, with many details completed by hand, encapsulating the retro-futuristic essence of a soft armor. "Embrace your individuality, stand up for yourself" is in fact its slogan.