Innovation keeps on running along a thread: Lineapiù Italia presents a new generation of yarns with a carbon core


Research and innovation are meeting up again to give the fashion world new expressive opportunities to interpret the spirit of the times.

Today, nearly 30 years since the presentation of Relax – the first carbon-core yarn to protect against electromagnetic pollution - created in cooperation with the University of Ivrea, Lineapiù Italia proudly presents the latest development in that technology to define a new generation of yarns that can convey a total sense of comfort and modernity.

The new yarns are Shield – a combination of carbon fibers and viscose, and Scudo – a blend of carbon and organic cotton. What’s more, the new yarns feature unique graphic effects that come from the carbon core.

To spread the good news, and the meaning of these technical and manufacturing innovations throughout the fashion world, Lineapiù Italia invited the winners of the Talents Lineapiù competition to use the new yarns to develop looks that can convey the spirit of this innovation: Marco Rambaldi, Froy, and Rus the Brand have created looks based on the key concepts of comfort and modernity. Their projects are flanked by the concept by Naira Khachatryan, the designer who works with Lineapiù Italia on projects for promoting the company’s yarns.

The creations are at the center of a visual storytelling project produced by photographer Roberto Quagli  who “translated” Lineapiù Italia’s significant achievements in innovation, technical and aesthetic research, and manufacturing excellence into images .


Lineapiù Italia has chosen Pitti Connect as the platform for presenting the results of a year of technical and design research to the world. This arrangement is strengthening the longstanding partnership between the two organizations and is shifting the methods for presenting new products via the new communications models and methods imposed by the pandemic.

The digital storytelling project is conveyed on all the Pitti Immagine communications platforms and engage them in promoting a fresh sense of Made in Italy contemporaneity. This is all the more important because it is set in the world of the pandemic, and all the more evident because it is dedicated to excellence. It was all created to exploit the potential of our new way of handling and experiencing communications and business relations.