Lineapiù Italia presents the “Finest Fibres Research Program”

Lineapiù Italia presents the “Finest Fibres Research Program”: a new service dedicated to researching and selecting extremely fine raw materials produced in limited quantities for custom-designed yarns for the knitting industry.
The program identifies and monitors the actors in the raw (animal, vegetable, synthetic) material production chains making exclusive agreements for the purchase, selection, traceability, and quality certification of the fibres.

Lineapiù Italia’s objective is not only to bring its own abilities in selecting and guaranteeing the best raw materials, but also to develop special, limited quantity lots of yarns created specifically for the brands that use this service.
This means a dual-level exclusivity for the fashion textile industry: limited editions of super materials and custom-designed yarns for the brands that choose them.

The Lineapiù Finest Fibres Research Program is starting off with a limited edition of ultrafine Superkid Mohair (estimated thickness of 21 microns): this is an extraordinary gauge for a fibre with exceptional features.
Soft, ultrafine, and sustainable, this is the rarest mohair in the world. It is made in Australia by the Ferreira Fibres goat breeders with whom Lineapiù Italia has entered an exclusive agreement. The mohair comes from a transparent and certified chain: all processes from production to the finish product are traced.
The project began with the genetic selection of the herd which was taken from South Africa to Australia where the Ferreira brothers found an ideal ecosystem for developing a new breeding system. Ample land, sustainable feed and climate make it possible to allow the herds to live naturally – which is ideal for reducing stress and for producing a top-quality fleece. The aim is to combine well-being of the animals and nature to promote positive effects on the ecosystem and at the same time obtain exquisitely fine and beautiful fibres.

Extraordinary raw materials are the key to yarns for exclusive knitwear. The aim of this project is to offer our clients a custom-tailored service, from selecting the raw material to designing the yarn”, said Alessandro Bastagli, President of Lineapiù Italia, “Ultrafine Superkid Mohair is a sustainable, environmentally and highly prized project. It is a fiber that interprets luxury in the broadest and most modern sense, combining care for the animals, balanced production cycles, protection of natural resources, beauty, and absolute quality”.


Superkid Mohair from Ferreira Fibres

GT and Werner, the Ferreira brothers, produce exceptionally high-quality mohair on their Rivervale and Glentara farms in Australia. The ecological fibres come from an innovative breeding system.
Originally, mohair goat breeders in South Africa, the brothers decided on Australia, a country with very strict labor, environmental, and animal-protection laws to move forward with very ambitious plans. Via genetic selection of 15% of the South African herd, the Ferreiras were able to develop the mohair goats’ best genetic features to launch the project called “A-Z Superior Genetics” and dedicated to producing top quality fibers.
They produce the rarest mohair in the world. It is completely traceable to the herd and individual animal and yields uniquely fine gauges.
Extremely sturdy and biodegradable, the plus-points of Ferreira mohair are the direct consequence of a controlled environment where the needs of the ground, the plants, and the animals are balanced. Combining natural processes with modern farming technology, the Ferreira brothers take a respectful holistic approach to the land, water, air, plants, animals as well as the community where they farm and raise their goats. The aim is to produce excellent quality fibres and promote the positive development of the ecosystem.


Sustainable Production

The Ferreira Fibres farms are located near the Murray River. The mild climate contributes to the wellness of the animals and the vegetation. The angora goats have access to a constant supply of fresh water and are fed a balanced diet.
Instead of large natural pastures, the brothers revitalized declining farmlands and the rotating pasture system guarantees efficient use of resources for low environmental impact production.
The new controlled production system guarantees the development of biodiversity, improves soil fertility, increased feed output and optimal water usage. The goats are healthier and the need to purchase fertilizers is minimized.


The Transparent Chain

The mohair production chain selected by Lineapiù Italia is completely transparent and certified. All processes, from beginning to end are traceable.
There is a direct relationship with the breeders, without middlemen, and this means top quality and homogeneity of each batch purchased. (Lineapiù Italian purchases the raw materials through WOOLHANDEL).