Lineapiù Italia

Lineapiù was established at Capalle, near Florence in 1975 because Giuliano Coppini had a brilliant idea. With a true calling for research and innovation, the company immediately became the world’s acknowledged leader in the field of yarns for the knitwear industry, with collections distinguished by creative content and quality.

Lineapiù has done much to revolutionize the history of knitwear, starting in 1987, when it presented the first 100% viscose yarn. Then in 1990 it developed Relax, a yarn with sufficient carbon content to provide shielding against electromagnetic pollution; and the beginning of the twenty-first century marked the introduction of  the “air yarn” that is light, airy, and hollow inside and protects against abrupt temperature changes.

Italian excellence is embodied in a history, a working method, creative and manufacturing skills that have changed knitwear – in Italy and throughout the world.

Steered since 2010 by Alessandro Bastagli the Lineapiù product range is at the top of the market and enjoys the acclaim and admiration of the world’s most famous designers. Year after year, the Lineapiù laboratories turn out yarns that create trends in terms of color, structure and blends.

All manufacturing is done in the company’s own facilities, so that each product is 100% Made in Italy, and each season the three collections Lineapiù, Filclass, and Lineapiù Knit Art are enriched with new items.

Since 1975 Lineapiù has created over 4000 yarns, over 30 thousand knitted swatches and thousands of experimental knitted garments. This wealth of materials, a real “treasure”, is preserved in the Archivio Storico Lineapiù.