PITTI FILATI 86 - January 2020

Ethic and  aesthetic meet  in Lineapiù Italia’s  new  proposals presented in occasion of the 86th edition of Pitti Filati, where the main theme focuses on the relationship between mankind and Nature.

A new collection card, dedicated to yarns which explore the limit of sustainability, gathers  in a unique overview of  the ethic themes: from raw materials selection to certification, traceability   and recycled yarns.
The theme developed by Lineapiu in sustainable yarns takes its name from responsible vision and it expressed through organic cotton, hemp and cupro yarns, characterized by the certifications of sustainability GOTS and GRS, giving an added value to the basic yarns of a spiritual nature. The colours present delicate nuances, inspired by natural dyes that emanate a quiet and delicate beauty. 

The brand new yarn KAIA is made with a regenerated cupro which is a byproduct of cutting the filament from the spinning process which in turn gives the yarn a fuzziness which surrounds the cotton core. Furthermore there is Resource, an organic cotton stuffed with recycled nylon in a unique combination of natural and synthetic.
There is also INOX which is a gauzy viscose and inox with a creased effect and shiny metallics, for avantguard pieces of knitwear that move and transform to portray a technological theme, bringing a cosmic flavour to the yarn.
SHARON, which is a stretch lurex yarn, ultra shiny, with a metallized look, like a sparkling suit of armour in made into magical knitwear: like real starry skies that light up the night skies.

In the selection of raw materials, we work with suppliers capable of guaranteeing maximum qualitative standards, which we verify by constantly monitoring analyses done by accredited laboratories.
As far as fibers of animal origins are concerned, we constantly monitor the levels of chemical substance content (in accordance with ZDHC protocols), ensuring our suppliers comply with the standards and protocols required to ensure the well-being of animals. 

As far as raw materials of cellulosic origins are concerned, Lineapiù Italia purchases FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified viscose coming from sustainably managed forests, for 80% of its yarns, with the intent of arriving at 100% by 2022.



The contest selects and rewards one young talent each season and it is aimed at young talents who are already working in the fashion sector.

For three years, the winner of the Lineapiù Award will be guaranteed technical sponsorship with the supply of Lineapiù and Filclass yarns for creating his or her sample collections over six commercial seasons and the possibility to access and research inside the Lineapiù Historical Archive. The registration for the Fifth Edition of Talents Lineapiù will be open until September the 30th, 2019.

The Fondazione Lineapiù will set up an external scientific committee charged with selecting the candidate to whom the award shall be assigned. The team making up the committee shall consist of famous personalities chosen from the worlds of fashion, journalism, institutions, retail and manufacturing.

Infos: http://lineapiu.com/en/talents/progetto


PITTI FILATI 85  - June 2019

During the 85th edition of Pitti Filati from 26th to 28th of June  2019 at Fortezza da Basso in Florence Lineapiù Italia presented the F/W 2020-2021 collection and approached to sustainability tackles the main technical and ethical issues with attention to truth and a pragmatic operating philosophy. 

Among the yarns in collection, GENIUS (lineapiù) and RECYCLE (filclass) explain at best this kind of approach to sustainability theme.

GENIUS makes the lavish look of the Victorian era come back with a sophisticated and precious aesthetic characterized by embellishments and decorations - velvets, laces and ornate wallpapers. Going beyond all the boundaries of time and space, runway shows will be exciting and extreme: metamorphoses and sensuality will dialogue with sartorial perfection while multicolored metallic shines will dazzle our future. GENIUS is myriad holographic fringes updating and refreshing velvet that has become digital imbuing avant-garde knits with power and vitality.

RECYCLE instead is the main  guiding us towards a more “eco-friendly” future: the materials follow a sustainable and farsighted direction for society and the planet. Science and creativity collaborate, while promoting one another, in a powerful mix of multimedia technology. With a more aware perspective, fiber discards, along with surplus materials and garments are transformed into new raw materials, acquiring longevity and value with a second lifecycle. A mixed look, made up by casual combinations and inspired by creative recycling, characterizes fantasy yarns with a modern and evolved appearance, for seasonless knits. RECYCLE is a fantasy yarn made from a dynamic mix of materials, colors, and structural movements, for an authentic creative recycled look. 

The relationship among light and color has been anoher topic Lineapiù Italia proposed: it is once again a breakthrough product in the world of yarns designed by the company, which thanks to research and innovation, has succeeded in transferring unique light effects onto yarn, thus offering creativity a new chromatic frontier.

Dayglo flashes with GISELLE (lineapiù), the rayon viscose yarn with the iconic velvet-touch, has been presented in two color variants, yellow and green, realized using the “solid dayglo” dyeing technique with neon pigments. An aesthetic result capable of introducing new style possibilities into the world of fashion, thanks to the special formula that allows unique neon chromatic features with extremely high resistance to light to be used in the world of viscose. The two new variants arrive from the desire to create a sporty look for a yarn that is naturally elegant.

Filclass yarns recreate computerized effects: “screen-like” processes, fluorescent colors, and ultra-glittery metallic finishes shape a tech-glam look, designed to equally emphasize screen-life and real life. In particular GAGA ideal for knitted fur in dayglow colors and dresses that light up and shine in the night; and FUNKY: hyper-visual velvet of recycled cotton/polyester, rich in a myriad of pixels and multicolor flashes, satisfy the need for an excessive style. 



SHIMA SEIKI ITALIA S.p.A during the 85th edition of the Pitti Immagine Filati in Florence, participated in the Fashion at Work section of the exhibition aimed at appealing to the technical and creative interests of visitors by providing hardware and software solutions for design, manufacturing and processing of knitted goods. 

On display will be the SVR123SP-SV® computerized knitting machine with IP option. It defined by Shima Seiki Italia as "revolutionary", in particular for the vanisè knitting technique. SVR123SP-SV® at Pitti Filati furthermore features the new i-Plating option, capable of alternating yarn colors in any pattern, producing jacquard-like designs using plain jersey stitch. Plating can be performed within the same course and for individual needles for even greater diversity in knit design. 

Thanks to the experimentation of this machine, Shima Seiki Italia has created a samples collection in collaboration with the designer Vittorio Branchizio using Lineapiù yarns.
New Shima Seiki Italia samples Collection has engaged the three offices of Shima Seiki Italia, Segrate, Carpi and Villorba with the technical team to study new knitting stitches through research and technical knowledge of Shima Seiki and the fashion style of the designer Vittorio Branchizio. 



During Pitti Filati 85 Lineapiù Italia hosts young and talented designer Arman Avetikyan, presenting with an artistic-conceptual installation his FROY brand, the first collection produced in regard of the Talents Lineapiù. Talents Lineapiù is a support program for young talents, outstanding in knitwear, today at its V edition. The exclusive yarns of the Tuscan company, together with a selection of the FROY SS2020 collection, are part of the Lineapiù installation set up in Fortezza da Basso. 

The installation, inside the Lineapiù Italia booth area at Lower floor Central Pavillion, features a selection of apparel pieces telling the stories of 16 archetypal characters or cultures (here only four reproduced), moving inside a city representing the architecture of their releations. The result is a powerful narrative device to present both the FROY world – with the Spring/ Summer 2020 collection – and the Lineapiù world, more and more committed to supporting young talents in knitwear, not only through its Talents official program, but with special projects. With the Froy archetypal characters or cultures the designer begins a pursuit of different knitting possibilities. A machine producing life by weaving souls into inanimate things. A geometrical world represented by an industrial machine where different people and cultures interact, beside all social and cultural differences. Nothing serial is produced: everything is made is unique, exclusive, because the machine generates multiplicity. The installation represents the symbiosis between industry and creativity, whose products are living beings. In the Froy Capsule collection distant cultures are intertwined: aesthetics apparently in contrast are perfectly joined together. The key elements of this process are geometry and traditional cultures that converge in the designer’s artworks.