Sala dei Rari


The Sala dei Rari - a new area in the Historical Archive - brings together a collection of Laces, Embroideries, and Textile Samples represented by more than 2,000 prime examples of products that span from the end of the 1500’s all the way up to the mid-1900’s. The collection is the brainchild of Lineapiù Italia President Alessandro Bastagli and his passion for Beauty. It is a new symbol for the rapport between conservation and collecting, documentation and research, manufacturing history and artistic experimentation. 

Organized in a space of 150 square meters designed ad hoc by architect Elio di Franco, in continuity with the Archivio Storico Lineapiù – inaugurated in 2012 by the Fondazione Lineapiù Italia, as the last in a long line of projects - the Sala dei Rari establishes the Archivio Storico Lineapiù as one of the leading private documentation centers dedicated to conserving yarns for knitwear and textile materials.

Through the expression of materials, techniques, styles, decorative motifs and different aesthetic influences, the Sala dei Rari transports visitors to long-ago eras and faraway places, presenting items that have been part of civilization’s very own historical fabric.