Lineapiù Historical Archive

The Concept: A Home  for Ideas

The more than 40 thousand items in the Lineapiù Historical Archive, that was opened in 2012, offer a complete overview of the company’s history from 1975 to the present.

The fully inventoried and digitized collection includes experimental knitwear, stitch swatches, color cards, knitted objects, tapestries, rare books, and more, each of which can be located by the type of yarn used, the season, material, or color.

In an itinerary that goes from the yarn to the knitted item, the archive features a collection of vintage and contemporary garments made by prestigious brands using Lineapiù yarns and an interactive Stitch Room.

This large archive, dedicated to conserving a heritage that tells not only the company’s history, but through this heritage offers a close-up look at the five decades during which Italian excellence in craftsmanship revolutionized contemporary styling and cultural models, establishing and taking on a key role in entrepreneurship and creativity that influenced the world.


President: Alessandro Bastagli
General Coordinator: Nemo Monti
Architectural Design: Elio di Franco
Setting Design: Naira Khachatryan