The Lineapiù Knit Art Collection for Fall-Winter 2019-2020

Imagined nature, retro allure, an amusing feeling for the eccentric and luxurious light tell the story of the new Lineapiù Knit Art collection for fall-winter 2019/2020.
Surfaces are decorative: tangled like vines, and dressed in new mélanges inspired by mushrooms, lichens, the earth and leaves ruffled by impetuous winter’s winds. A celebration of an unusual, fantastic and almost surreal Nature: yarns are textured and uneven, the gauzes are disheveled, offering highly colorful fur effects, the shot yarns are bold and fun, and the bouclés too are multicolored. The collection encourages experimentation and creativity in an eccentric mix of shapes, prints, constructions and effects – a patchwork of ideas! Some yarns seem handspun, others are simply twisted for superbly elegant classics. The season unveils a retro allure: vintage wallpapers are the inspiration for soft and light gauzes in delicate, blurred and sometimes very long nuances; the tweeds with multicolor knubs seem almost faded and have a felted look as if they have been taken out of a wardrobe from the past. Padded yarns overstate their volume, so that they become technical, compact and clean and seem to have been drawn and then colored with bright, bold dyes. Opulence from fairytales: gold, silver and bronze gleam boldly between the fibers with sinuous flat metallic threads or tiny knots of light that look as if they were embroidered onto the mohair. Some summery shades are key hues for the 2019/2020 fall-winter color story: fresh and bright tones have found their way into the wintry palette to create interesting mixes. The colors get darker as the days grow shorter, and shift from strong and super-luminous yellows, oranges, fuchsias, and reds to darker and intense shades of purple, blue and deep green. The earth tones – browns and greens – are very rich and comfortable. Nostalgic nuances in the pinks and pale natural colors. Different shades of lilac are important; the light blues bring a touch of summer; and the cobalt blue is simply bold. Playful patterns are created by think and bold brushstrokes, by tone-on-tone effects, and also by strong solids and sophisticated dégradé tones.

The collection highlights:

BOMBER: a new and interesting padded yarn with an exaggerated volume, compact shape and a carefully designed structure.  It almost begs to be worked with your fingers to create sculptures to wear. 
CORNICE: this item’s name is its best describer. The flat metallic thread wraps around soft wool and alpaca fibers like a gold, silver, or bronze frame.
SINTONIA: the colors spread harmoniously throughout this soffilo yarn, in a single, long and elegant sfumato without any breaks in the colors.
TWILL: introduces a whole new story with felted looks: little knubs scattered here and there give the colors; the hand is soft and the image is that of a vintage maxi-pullover.
KRUSTY: an eccentric and colorful yarn with a fun-loving spirit. The soft outer wool plays hide-and-seek and then reveals a structure stained with the season’s bright and lively colors.